Welcome to Cottonwood Canyon Hills!

Donations Needed!

The Social Committee is looking for the following donations for the next Movie in the Park event on June 23rd. They are in need of:

1-2 popcorn machines, supplies, and someone to man the machine.
4 cases of mini water bottles
5 cases of large water bottles
3 large bags of ice
600 cookies
Movie equipment (screen, DVD player, etc.)

If you are willing to donate any of these items, please contact jpoulton@actionlife.com. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Pools Open

We are pleased to announce the re-opening of Pool 2 (across from the Sports Park). The spa will remain closed for one more week as the plaster cures. Please enjoy the spa at the Piedmont pool if you would like to utilize the spa.

Pool 1 (at the Clubhouse) will open for your enjoyment this Saturday morning (4/7).

We appreciate your patience while we wrap up these remaining maintenance tasks.


Golden Egg Winners!

Congratulations to the following families for finding the golden eggs at the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday!

Ages 0-2: The Adams Family
Ages 3-4: The Batista Family
Ages 5-6: The Egelund Family
Ages 7-9: The Richins Family
Ages 10+: The Benoit Family


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