Board Member Appointment Update:

Posted By on December 7, 2018

At the November Cottonwood Canyon Hills Board of Directors meeting, the Board discussed and voted on the appointment of a new Board member to fill an open seat on the Board.  Since then, some questions have been raised about the process of appointing a new Board member.  After careful research it has been determined that three affirmative votes (majority of Board Members) are required to appoint a new Board member and that three such votes were not cast at the November meeting.  With input from the Association’s attorney and Action Property Management, the Board of Directors have agreed that there was not a sufficient vote to appoint anyone to the Board at that meeting.  Therefore, the vote for this appointment will be re-done at the December 20, 2018 meeting.  If three votes are not received to appoint a new member at that time, the Board intends to discuss a step-by-step process to determine how to appoint someone to this open seat.

The Board President and Action Property Management apologizes for the confusion and frustration expressed to date regarding the Board member appointment process .Be assured, the Board of Directors and Action Property Management are committed to ensuring that the business of the Association is conducted according to its By-Laws and CC&Rs.

Thank you to the two homeowners who volunteered to be considered for this Board vacancy at the November meeting.  Both owners have conducted themselves with patience, understanding and professionalism through a difficult and complicated scenario.  The need to re-visit this vote and ensure that it is done correctly does not in any way reflect on either of these volunteers. They are both to be commended for how they have handled this situation.


Harry Johnson, President, Board of Directors

Action Property Management