Security Disclaimer

Posted By on March 19, 2019

Cottonwood Canyon Hills Community Association (“Association”) contracts with Action Property Management to provide patrol services within the Community. There are two purposes of the patrol services which are to the scope of these services include 1) Monitor and report about the common area property and 2) perform other duties as assigned at the Direction of the Association’s Board of Directors within the limits of the Contract.


The patrol services are not intended to provide security for persons, personal property, or residences within the Project. The Association does not undertake to provide security for the Project or the owners, residents or guests, nor does the Association make any representations or warranties concerning the security or privacy of the Project or the owners, residents or guests.


The Association is not responsible for the criminal acts of others, which may occur despite having patrol services. Owners, residents and guests should always be aware of their surroundings and take all reasonable precautions to ensure their own personal safety and the safety of their guests and those for whom they are responsible (including children) and to protect their property. Owners and residents should keep their doors locked, install security systems, carry insurance, etc.


The Association is not affiliated with Neighborhood Watch in the Project in any capacity. It is not an Association committee.


For matters concerning Association common area property, please contact on-site management during normal business hours at (800)400-2284. After business hours, please call patrol at (951)550-1181 or the emergency service number at (800)400-2284.

If it is an emergency life-threatening or property threatening situation, please call 911.