District Delegates

Posted By on April 16, 2019

The Annual Meeting is fast approaching and we are looking for volunteers to be District Delegates. Delegates are neighborhood representatives who vote on behalf of the members they represent. I’ve emailed you because you have previously shown an interest in participating.

The Annual Meeting will not consist of an election as there are no expiring terms this year, but votes will need to be obtained for the Excess funds. Becoming a District Delegate is a great way to get involved with the Community and meet some of your neighbors without a large time commitment. If you choose to become a Delegate you will have a term of (1) year, this means that if any petitions take place or if an election is required you may be needed for an election.

The Board of Directors will be agreeing to the date of the meeting at their Board Meeting on April 25th, but it will most likely be scheduled for July 25, 2019.