**Pool Access**

Posted By on April 16, 2019

We will begin installing the new card readers next week, Tuesday, April 23rd.

Once the new system is in place your current pool card will no longer work.

If you have not yet submitted the requested information please do so immediately by logging to the Resident Portal and following the “Cottonwood Pool Access” instructions on the homepage (https://Resident.actionlife.com).

For those who have already submitted the requested information you will receive an email THIS WEEK with a link to your new credentials.  The email will walk you through instructions on how to install the app on your phone.  Credentials will not be active UNTIL the new readers are installed which will start on April 23rd.  Once this is complete you will be notified. Please be sure to monitor your inbox for this email (you may also want to check your spam folder).

Important notes about the new system:

  • The new system is a smartphone app
  • Once the new readers are installed your white plastic pool key will no longer work
  • Be sure to open the OpenPath email link on the smartphone you plan on using at the pool
  • The OpenPath email will include detailed instructions for the new system
  • OpenPath has staff available to assist residents needing guidance to setup the app on your smartphone – (844)673.6728 Ext 2 or support@openpath.com
  • We will email everyone once credentials have been sent out to the community (ONCE YOU RECEIVE THIS EMAIL, IF YOU FILLED OUT THE FORM AND DID NOT RECEIVE A CREDENTIAL EMAIL PLEASE come by the office or email Jordan at jlarge@actionlife.com

We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation while introducing the new system and hope to improve everyone’s pool experience this season! Please look for an envelope in your mail this month from the HOA, enclosed you will find the Annual Audit documents along with important information that requires your attention.