//Sidewalk Repairs and Reporting

Sidewalk Repairs and Reporting

From the City of Lake Elsinore

The City of Lake Elsinore is continuing to work on its sidewalks survey and repair program in Canyon Hills.

In 2020, the City surveyed 49 miles of public sidewalks and has completed repairs in Phases 1, 2, and 3. We are now surveying Phases 4, and 5. Following the survey, the City will make repairs based on the results of the survey.

Going forward, we will continue to maintain public sidewalks in Canyon Hills. Please note that our commitment does not apply to Cottonwood Canyon Hills HOA maintained sidewalks. Those sidewalks have been marked in red on the map above.

With this said, if you have a sidewalk issue, please report it on the AlertLE, City’s mobile app (available in app stores) or call 951-674-5170. If you have any questions please email your Lake Elsinore City Council Member Tim Sheridan at tjsheridan@lake-elsinore.org or call/text him at 951-805-0132. Thank you!