//Halloween Decorating Contest – 2021

Halloween Decorating Contest – 2021

Bring your bubbly creativity, your haunting visions, your spookiest imaginings, or your goriest nightmares – we want to see them all! The Halloween Decorating Contest is upon us and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with this year! Prizes will be awarded in each category and every winner gets a yard sign proclaiming their Halloween mastery to be displayed for all to see. This year’s categories are as follows:

Bloodcurdling Screams – It’s all about the blood, gore, and horror. You’ve seen every slasher flick and horror movie, now it’s your turn to set the scene!

Most Creeeeepy – What do you fear when you’re alone in the dark? This is the category of nightmare clowns, haunting ghosts, cemeteries, and all the things that send a shiver of fear up your spine.

It’s Fall, Y’all! – Are you less “horror” and more “harvest”? Then this is the category for you! Think flannel, pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, and not-so-scary, little-kid-friendly Halloween décor. Classic, cute, or charmingly Halloween, this category is a love letter to the season that’s sure to put us in the mood for apple cider, hay rides, and trick-or-treating.

Most Fang-tastic! – Werewolves prowl, witches fly, vampires lurk, mummies lurch, and skeletons drag themselves from the ground – it’s Halloween and the monsters are out! Scary, silly, or doing the Monster Mash – this is the category to showcase those classic Halloween baddies.

Best Ex-FEAR-ience – Is Halloween mostly an excuse to scare your friends and neighbors? Are you a prankster with a devilish streak? Do you wait all year for the day you can finally transform your garage into a maze of darkness and nightmares? This is the category for you! Jump scares, haunted houses, live-action scenes, and interactive scares own this category, so give it your all because this competition is a scream!

As a reminder, Halloween decorations can be displayed starting September 15 but cannot be activated/illuminated until October 1. Registration is now open! To enter please email Tania, at tcamacho@actionlife.com, a photo of your decorated home, and list your address and the category you would like your submission to be under. If you are unsure which category to choose, you may list “judge’s choice” as the category. Registration is now closed!