Most people choose to live in an HOA because of the tremendous benefits it provides. Here are just a few examples:

1. Common area maintenance
The common areas are the window to the community and the responsibility of the HOA. The association pays for this by collecting monthly assessments. Yes, you part ways with money but in exchange for that, the HOA ensures maintenance of all the amenities and ensures through the governing documents your property looks fresh and pleasing. It is welcoming to those who visit or are thinking of purchasing in the community, preserves and protects the value of homes, and provides pleasing aesthetics and amenities for the resident’s peaceful enjoyment.

2. Use of amenities
When you live in an HOA community, you do not just get a pleasing place to live but you and your guests get to enjoy access to beautifully maintained amenities. These amenities can be enjoyed by the members, and are great for socializing and recreation, especially when entertaining guests.

Cottonwood Canyon Hills is one of the larger developments in the Lake Elsinore area with approximately 160 acres of Common area landscaping consisting of roughly 7,000,000 million square feet of irrigation and over 6,000 trees; three upscale recreation centers with large pools, barbeques, tot-lots, outdoor dining areas, two spas, one basketball court and one Clubhouse. HOA dues for the Cottonwood Canyon Hills master operating budget is relatively low compared to other managed communities in the area that are smaller and provide only one recreation center or pool.

3. Helps build communities
Perhaps the greatest benefit of living in an HOA is being part of a community. An active HOA creates a friendly and healthy living environment building a closely knit community. It is a blessing to be on good terms with your neighbors who become friends, or even family. Some of the best neighborhoods are those where people develop lifelong relationships. From watching your children grow together to assisting in times of need and even staying connected when you move away, these are the relationships that form in Communities that foster these values. Cottonwood Canyon Hills is a well-connected community of residents that care for and look out for one another.

There are multiple opportunities to connect in the Cottonwood community through our fun social functions, participation on HOA committees or even the Board. Stay connected by providing us with your most current contact information and follow us on Instagram.

4. Well maintained neighborhoods
Imagine coming home every day to a neighborhood where every other home is in a state of disrepair, trash cans line the street, lawns are full of weeds and the neighbor across from you painted their door neon green. Let’s not forget about the broken down ’68 wagon on the front lawn! When you become a member of an HOA you and your neighbors agree to follow the guidelines set forth in the governing documents to maintain the aesthetics of the community, in turn protecting your property values.

Cottonwood Canyon Hills Community Association is professionally managed which provides oversight of the condition of each property and neighborhood throughout the community. We conduct regular inspections using established procedures to help ensure residents are complying with the Governing documents. While inspections are not always the most popular task of the HOA, it ensures you maintain your property values. We have provided some seasonal maintenance tips for your home.

5. Promotes community engagement
In an HOA the Board of Directors is the governing body elected by the members (homeowners) and entrusted with the authority to make important decisions to accomplish all of the above. As fellow residents, they not only have a stake but a fiduciary duty. As such they are committed to perform their duties in a consistent, collaborative and fiscally responsible manner.

The Board of Directors promotes community engagement through various committees that participate in the decision making process. The committees and Board have regularly scheduled monthly meetings. These committees carefully review facilities, finances, architectural applications, landscape and social events to prepare recommendations for the Board of Directors. The benefits of joining the HOA are worth the time and energy you invest in it. When living in a community, it is always a good idea to be an active member of the homeowners association. To join a committee or volunteer your time at Social events contact the Management office for next steps.