Congratulations! Buying a home is both an exciting and overwhelming life event. We are excited you are considering Cottonwood Canyon Hills as your Community of Choice. Purchasing a home in any HOA comes requires your realtor to be sure you are properly informed of everything you need to know. Your realtor is required to provide you with several documents that you will acknowledge receipt of and sign for during the escrow process.

Here are a few things you will want to know as you get closer to owning your new home in this beautiful community.

Governing Documents
The community is governed by a set of CC&Rs, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. These documents outline your responsibility as a homeowner and resident of the Community as well as the responsibilities of the HOA and Board of Directors. Compliance with the terms of the governing documents ensures you are in good standing and avoid things such as non-compliance notices. These documents should be provided to you at the close of escrow. They are also available on the Resident Portal. For information on how to register for your Resident Portal account, view this document.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these documents. Ask your realtor to VERIFY that the home you are purchasing does not have any outstanding violations that you will inherit. If they do, contact the office to find out what your responsibility will be once you close escrow.

Please contact us to let us know that you will be joining our Community! This gives us a chance to give you a quick orientation over the phone and prepare you for HOA Living.

Home Improvements
All exterior improvements or updates require an architectural application. All new homeowners have to pay a one-time application fee of $150.00 upon submittal of their first application. This includes changing out any plants in your front yard. Once the fee is paid it covers all reviews during the course of the time you are living in your home. For More information on the application process, Design Guidelines for the Community, and approved plant list, visit the Home Improvements Page.

Were there any exterior improvements completed by prior owner(s)? Please ask your realtor to verify that the property does not have any improvements that did not go through the Architectural approval process. For example, is there an existing shed or structure in the rear yard? Does the fencing or block walls look altered in any way? Is there a driveway extension or other feature that does not appear to be original to the home? Periodically these do come up and we don’t want you to be surprised with a non-compliance letter after the fact. When in doubt, have your realtor check with the Management office.

New owners usually have a few ideas of improvements they would like to do when they move in. The Design Guidelines and Rules and Regulations will answer most of your questions.

Typically, escrow collects the first months’ worth of assessments. It usually takes your escrow 4-6 weeks to send the paperwork and payment to the Action escrow department. Once that is received, Action will send you a welcome package with your account number. Your account number is your identity in the HOA and gateway to the Resident Portal. You can expedite this process by emailing a copy of your recorded grant deed or HUD-1 closing statement to Include your property address, name of the Association, and date you closed. Allow approximately one week for processing.

Your monthly HOA assessments are NOT impounded with your taxes and insurance. Do not make the mistake of not sending in payments for several months. Check with your realtor and lender to understand when your first payment is due after the close of escrow and when in doubt, give us a call.

Additional information regarding assessments can be found in the HOA Living section of the website and on the Resident Portal (click on My Community, then click on Documents). It is important to know and understand the HOA assessment and collection policies.

Pool Access
Once your information is updated in the Resident Portal, you can request your OpenPath pool credentials from the office. For more information regarding pool credentials and pool rules, refer to the Rules and Regulations. The forms and requirements can be found on the Resident Portal.

Information regarding the location of pools, hours of operation, and status can be found on the Amenities page of this website.

Moving Day
Storage pods are not allowed in some areas of the community. If this is the method you were considering for your move, please contact the office before paying that deposit! If you will be parking a moving truck or van overnight in the community please notify us so we can lot it into our system for patrol.

Parking Restrictions, Commercial vehicles, Recreational Vehicles
Some portions of the community have parking restrictions. You can find these in the Governing Documents and the Rules and Regulations. Please check to determine if this applies to your new home.

Commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles have restrictions that apply to the entire community. These are outlined in the Governing Documents and Rules and Regulations.

If you need clarity on any of these restrictions, please contact the office, we are happy to help.

Bridgegate Community
The previous owner should leave gate openers behind with your mailbox and house keys. If you have a newer vehicle please note that the Bridgegate gate access cannot be programmed to work through your vehicle. For information regarding gate programming please contact the office. Gate codes are changed once every odd-numbered year.

Interested in Renting Out Your Property?
If you are purchasing the home for investment purposes it is important to notify the HOA that the property will be a rental. The HOA will need you to complete a form required by Civil Code 4041 so we know where to mail any correspondence. As the owner of the property, you will be responsible for making sure the property is maintained and that your tenants are following all Rules and Regulations of the HOA. Please note that the HOA will not issue pool credentials to short-term rentals (Air B&B, VRBO, etc.) A valid lease agreement is required along with the pool access application.