Cottonwood Canyon Hills HOA


We envision an HOA that delivers exceptional amenities and common areas while maintaining financial strength and stability. We will work collaboratively to enhance the quality of life, preserve property values and strengthen neighborly bonds.

Guiding Principles

  1. At all times, employ ethical, consistent and objective standards when making decisions, managing HOA operations and interacting with all stakeholders.
  2. Promote a safe, harmonious and friendly atmosphere where vendors, volunteers and neighbors treat one another with respect and work collaboratively toward the common goals of the community
  3. Practice solution-based communication and keep in mind the interests of the residents and association as a whole. Address matters with respect and urgency.
  4. Entrust the management of all aspects of our HOA with established vendors who share the same values.  Ensure they are trusted members of the Team aligned with the Vision and Mission of the Cottonwood Canyon Hills HOA.
  5. Conduct business with transparency and professionalism while practicing superior duty of care in the administration of Association finances and future planning.


Attract promoters of Cottonwood Canyon Hills from residents, to vendors, to local shop owners and city officials. Foster community harmony built on trust, respect and communication. Uphold the CC&Rs, Rules and Regulations, Bylaws and Declarations in an objective, ethical and consistent manner. Seek out and support initiatives that enhance quality of life and preserve property values. Treat every stakeholder as a valued member of the Cottonwood Team invested in creating an environment that is an aesthetically pleasing and a harmonious place to live.