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Thank you to everyone who came to our Santa is Comin’ to Town event, and thank you to everyone who donated to make this event possible! You can expect to see the photos uploaded in a couple of hours at www.cheetaprint.com/Santa. If you still wish to donate to the following charities (Rady Children’s Hospital, Animal Friends of the Valley, Lake Elsinore SWAG, or the Senior Center), we will be accepting donations until Friday, December 14th at the Clubhouse. We would love to hear your feedback of how to event went for the Social Committee to review for next year, so please comment down below!

Board Member Appointment Update:

At the November Cottonwood Canyon Hills Board of Directors meeting, the Board discussed and voted on the appointment of a new Board member to fill an open seat on the Board.  Since then, some questions have been raised about the process of appointing a new Board member.  After careful research it has been determined that three affirmative votes (majority of Board Members) are required to appoint a new Board member and that three such votes were not cast at the November meeting.  With input from the Association’s attorney and Action Property Management, the Board of Directors have agreed that there was not a sufficient vote to appoint anyone to the Board at that meeting.  Therefore, the vote for this appointment will be re-done at the December 20, 2018 meeting.  If three votes are not received to appoint a new member at that time, the Board intends to discuss a step-by-step process to determine how to appoint someone to this open seat.

The Board President and Action Property Management apologizes for the confusion and frustration expressed to date regarding the Board member appointment process .Be assured, the Board of Directors and Action Property Management are committed to ensuring that the business of the Association is conducted according to its By-Laws and CC&Rs.

Thank you to the two homeowners who volunteered to be considered for this Board vacancy at the November meeting.  Both owners have conducted themselves with patience, understanding and professionalism through a difficult and complicated scenario.  The need to re-visit this vote and ensure that it is done correctly does not in any way reflect on either of these volunteers. They are both to be commended for how they have handled this situation.


Harry Johnson, President, Board of Directors

Action Property Management

Sidewalk Lift Repairs

In April of 2017, we sent a letter to the membership informing homeowners of parkway tree requirements and sidewalk damage/lifts. As a one-time courtesy, the Association had repaired sidewalk lifts in cost centers regardless of the cause, and informed homeowners that if a lift was found in the future that was determined to be caused by a tree on the homeowner’s property, then the homeowner would be responsible for the cost. We have recently received the results of the completed inspection of lifted sidewalks in the community done by BPR Inc., and you may be notified that a repair is needed on your property, and that there may be a cost incurred. This post is to clarify the requirement, maintenance, and repair responsibilities of the Association and individual owners with respect to parkway trees and sidewalks. Depending upon where your lot is situated, these responsibilities are allocated to either the Association or you as the owner of the lot.

If your lot is located in one of the cost centers (Riverbend, Edgewater, Meadow Ridge, Parkside I, Parkside II, and Bridgegate) then the following maintenance and repair allocation applies to any sidewalk in front of your lot:

The Association maintains and repairs the sidewalk. However, if an owner-maintained tree (including parkway tree) causes damage to the sidewalk, then, pursuant to the Association’s governing documents and California law, the Association reserves the right to, after Notice and Hearing, assess the cost of the repair to the responsible owner.
California Civil Code §5725 (a) and Cottonwood CC&R’s Section Article V, Section 8.

If your lot fronts a City street, then the following applies:

The Homeowner maintains and repairs the sidewalk. If an owner-maintained tree (including parkway tree) causes damage to the sidewalk or any other adjacent property, then the owner is responsible for the cost of the damage whether the damage is caused to association property or another owner’s property. Pursuant to California Streets and Highways Code Section 5610, if your lot fronts a City-owned street and the sidewalk is not otherwise defined in the Association’s governing documents as “Maintenance Property”, then the owner of the lot that fronts the City street is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the parkway landscaping or tree and the sidewalk abutting his/her lot. For this reason, it is imperative, for liability purposes, that you as the homeowner post a warning and promptly repair any tripping hazards located upon the portion of the sidewalk abutting your property.

For any questions regarding this post, please contact the General Manager Kelley Aranda at karanda@actionlife.com.

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