We hope you enjoyed your time in the Cottonwood Community and are leaving with good memories and lifelong friends. Here are a few things to remember before you go.

Non-Compliance matters, violations and fines. Please contact the office regarding any outstanding violations. We can walk you through what you need to do in order to clear them up and request a fine waiver. This will reduce the amount due to the HOA at the close of escrow. Depending on how old the violation is the waiver is 50% or more.

Mailbox keys along with the location of the mailbox and box number should be provided to the Buyer’s realtor before you leave.

For sale signs are only allowed one per home and on the front of the property.

Storage Containers and Trash Bins: Please contact the office if you will have either one of these placed on the property during your move. This is not allowed in certain parts of the community. If you will have a truck or van parked overnight let us know so that we can note it for patrol.

Garage sales Individual garage sales are not permitted in the Community.